Euro trip

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2013/10/17 by Carlo

I love Europe. In the 80’s tourists did Euro-trip by train.






Today, in the “Ryanair-era”, we have the chance to book 12 flights with less than 250€!

Prices are tax included.


From Frankfurt (Germany) to Alghero (Sardinia, Italy)

da francof ad alghero 4nov











From Alghero (Sardinia, Italy) to Barcelona (Spain)

da alghero a barcell 7nov













From Barcelona (Spain) to Bristol (UK)

da barcell a bristol 10nov












From Bristol (UK) to Dublin (Ireland)

da bristol a dublin 11nov











From Dublin (Ireland) to London (UK)

da dublino a london 13 nov











From London (UK) to Oslo (Norway)

da london a oslo16nov












From Oslo (Norway) to Berlin (Germany)

da oslo a berlin 14eur 18nov












From Berlin (Germany) to Stockholm (Sweden)

da berlin a stokk 20nov












From Stockholm (Sweden) to Budapest (Hungary)

da stocc a budapest 15eur 24nov











From  Budapest (Hungary) to Rome (Italy)

da budapest a roma27nov










From Rome (Italy) to Paris (France)

da roma a parigi 30 nov












From Paris (France) to Lisbon (Portugal)

da parigi a lisbon 3dic











From Lisbon (Portugal) to Frankfurt (Germany)

da lisbon a frankfurt 5dic


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