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2013/11/19 by Carlo

giftAre you looking for the right Christmas-gift for your parents?

Don’t waste your time trying to solve the unsolvable.

I was invented by the Government in the 80’s  to do this type of things for you.

There’s a positioning-cruise departing Italy to Canary Islands (Spain) on the 6th of January.

St.Cruz de la PalmaTen nights, full board, €651 per person tax included.

Almost for free!

Costa Classica

Here you have your parents’ cruise itinerary details:

1 Savona (Italia) 16:30
2 Marsiglia (Francia) 09:00 17:00
3 Barcellona (Spagna) 09:00 18:00
4 … navigazione …
5 Malaga (Spagna) 08:00 14:00
6 Casablanca (Marocco) 08:00 22:00
7 … navigazione …
8 Funchal (Madera) 08:00 17:00
9 St.Cruz de la Palma (Spagna) 13:00 18:00
10 Las Palmas (Isole Canarie) 08:00 18:00
11 St. Cruz de Tenerife (Isole Canarie) 08:00

casablancaFrom the 16th to the 22nd of January, while your parents’ flight back is ready to take off, I’ve booked the following accomodation: Playacanaria: €249 per-person, 4stars, half board, 6 nights from the 16th to the 22nd of January! And, at the end, on the 22nd of january the sad flight back: Tenerife South 07:15→ Milan (Berghem) 12:45 (This destination can be easly changed with other european airports).

madeiraTotal price for 16 nights incl. all taxes: €991 per-person (Cruise one way, Flight back, accomodation in Tenerife, insurance, baggage, taxes).

Mail me back for reservations at dallasede@hotmail.it


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